Irish Soldier with Arm Patch

In the wake of the Irish Government’s imbalanced, ‘Consultative Forum on International Security Policy’ this film provides a vital contribution to the discussion on the importance of Irish neutrality and its role as the bedrock of Irish foreign and defence policy.

Wach the film HERE

Even today – especially today – as war rages in so many areas around the world and as two nuclear armed ‘superpowers’ actively engage in a proxy war, the world urgently needs voices calling for, and countries working towards, de-escalation, demilitarization and disarmament.

Ireland should be that voice! A Force For Good ?

“Irish neutrality has been pared down to ‘military non-alignment’ by successive governments; by this, they mean non-membership of NATO. However, they cannot claim even such  minimal ‘non-alignment’ while already participating in NATO’s ‘Partnership for Peace’ (PfP) and actively facilitating the U.S. military in its wars of aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and  elsewhere through the use of Shannon airport. (The recent Commission on the Defence Forces (CDF) report makes no mention of this misuse of Shannon, let alone its possible implications for Irish security.)

We must resist efforts by the current government to use the war in Ukraine as an excuse yet further to weaken and undermine Irish neutrality. Irish neutrality must instead be protected  and strengthened so as to support an end to the war in Ukraine, and to reduce rather than exacerbate conflict and war in Europe and globally, in Yemen, Palestine, Ethiopia and all war- afflicted countries. Our efforts should be directed towards ending war rather than undermining or even eliminating neutrality.”

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