On the death of Kenyan peace activist Dekha Ibrahim Abdi

who spoke at the Munich Peace Conference in 2011

Dekha Ibrahim Abdi is welcomed by Hans-Peter Dürr at the “International Munich Peace Conference” (Feb. 2011).

Both received the “Alternative Nobel Prize” in 2007 and 1987, respectively.

Read an obituary by Geseko von Lüpke here.

Documentation of the Munich Peace Conference 2011

to watch and read

Summary of the discussion session on Saturday 5.2.

Input presentation on the workshop Bundeswehr – Nein Danke and further texts on the topic Bundeswehr and school: http://www.h-m-v-bildungswerk.de/themen.html

blog and videoblog about the peace conference: http://www.sicherheitskultur.org/de/veranstaltungen/muenchener-sicherheitskonferenz.html