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1. Openingand Greetings
Thomas Rödl, Spokesman of the Munich Peace Conference Support Group
Markus Valdés-Stauber, Munich Kammerspiele
Professor Hanne-Margret Birckenbach

Moderation: Maria Feckl
2.1 “Rethinking Security” Scenario – Introduction:
Stefan Maaß, “Rethinking Security” Scenario

2.2 Pillar I: Fair external relations
Pillar II: Sustainable development of the EU’s neighboring states
Economy of the common good

2.3 Pillar III: Participation in the International Security Architecture
Pillar V: Conversion of the Bundeswehr and the Armaments Industry
Police Concept

2.4 Pillar IV: Resilient Democracy
Feminist Foreign Policy

3rd PEACE FORUM Peacemaking in Times of Pandemic
With Andreas Zumach, Myriam Rapior (BUND Youth), Stefan Maß (SnD)
Moderation: Andrea Behm