Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends

Prof Hans-Peter Dürr, supporter and promoter of the Munich Peace Conference, passed away on May 18, 2014.

Documentation of the contributions to the funeral service of Prof. Dürr

we look back on a successful and successful International Peace Conference (with about 300 visitors on 31.1. and 140 visitors on 1.2.2014).

From left to right: Mayor Hep Monatzeder, Dr. Bettina Gruber, Prof. Mohssen Massarrat, Clemens Ronnefeldt, Dr. Aminata Traoré, Dr. Klaus Hahnzog


Documentation of the Munich Peace Conference 2014. All articles, pictures and reports.

Program of the Peace Conference 2014:

International Forum, Fri. 31.1.2014, 7.00 pm

at the Literaturhaus!!, Salvatorplatz 1

Prof. Mohssen Massarrat, Osnabrück, Germany

Peace for the Middle East? — UN Conference on the Elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Dr. Bettina Gruber, University of Klagenfurt

Peacebuilding in the Alps-Adriatic Region – Experiences and Perspectives

Dr. Aminata Traoré, former Minister of Culture, Mali

Prospects for peace and development in Mali

Moderation: Clemens Ronnefeldt, International Fellowship of Reconciliation

Greeting from the City of Munich: Hep Monatzeder, Mayor


Current Round, Sat. 1.2.2014, 19.00, DGB- Haus

Peace for Syria — Priority for Diplomacy and Civil Solutions


Mouna Sabbagh, “Help for Aleppo e.V.” Association

Humanitarian situation in Syria

Hans-Christof von Sponeck, formerly UN Coordinator for Iraq as Assistant Secretary General of the UN.

Crisis networking in the region

Christiane Reymann, Journalist and Author (How to Destroy a Secular State)

Conflict Situation and Actors in Syria

Ute Finckh- Krämer, Member of the German Bundestag, Chairwoman of the Social Defense League

Priority for civilian – civil conflict transformation as a political necessity

Moderation: Dr. Angelika Holterman

Greeting: Brigitte Wolf, City Councilor


more information about the topics and speakers of the current round:

Prayer for Peace of the Religions, Sun. 2.2. 2014, 11.30 a.m.

St. Anna Parish Hall, St.-Anna-Strasse 19, (U 4 / U 5 Lehel)


Contributions to the International Munich Peace Conference 2014

Greeting from the City of Munich, Hep Monatzeder

Greeting Councillor Brigitte Wolf on 1.2.2014

Moderation Clemens Ronnefeldt

Lecture Dr. Bettina Gruber: Peace building in the Alps-Adriatic region

Lecture Dr. Aminata Traoré

Lecture Prof. Mohssen Massarrat

Here you can listen to all presentations of the forum on 31.1.2014:


A detailed, readable and critical article about the peace conference:

The Better Conference. Article by Dr. Klaus Hahnzog in the Münchner Abendzeitung v. 31.1.2014


Among the speakers at the 2014 conference:

Prof. Dr. retired Mohssen Massarrat

was a university lecturer at the University of Osnabrück in international politics, peace and conflict studies, and political economy. He has been proposing since 2006,
to create a zone free of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East through a series of conferences. Controlling and eliminating existing weapons of mass destruction and preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region (“nuclear conflict with Iran”) would be an important step in confidence building and easing tensions in the region.


Dr. Aminata Traoré,

is an author, politician and political activist from Mali. After a brief civil war and French military intervention a year ago, Mali has disappeared from the media headlines again. Ms. Traoré was Minister of Culture and Tourism. It is committed to development and cultural autonomy and criticizes globalization and the economic practices of industrialized nations.


Dr. Bettina Gruber

is deputy director of the Center for Peace Research and Peace Education at the University of Klagenfurt. She has studied the reconciliation and peace-building processes in the Alps-Adriatic region, where hundreds of thousands of people fell victim to the war machine during the First World War.