Security policy, arms control, disarmament, nuclear sharing

“The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for increased international cooperation to address threats to human health and well-being. Among these threats, the threat of nuclear war remains paramount. The risk of a nuclear weapon detonation today-whether by accident, miscalculation, or intent-is apparently increasing as new types of nuclear weapons have been developed, long-standing arms control agreements have been terminated, and the threat of cyberattacks on nuclear infrastructure has become very real. We should take the warnings of scientists, doctors and other experts seriously. We must not sleepwalk into a crisis of even greater magnitude than the one we have already experienced this year.”

From the Open Letter for the UN Nuclear Weapons Ban

By Javier Solana, Willy Claes (former NATO secretaries-general), Ban Ki-moon (former UN secretary-general), and 53 other former heads of state, government, and foreign and defense ministers from NATO countries, Japan, and South Korea.

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