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Friday 31.05.2024 12:00-19:00
Saturday 01.06.2024 12:00-19:00
Sunday 02.06.2024 12:00-19:00
Monday 03.06.2024 12:00-19:00
Tuesday 04.06.2024 12:00-19:00
Wednesday 05.06.2024 12:00-19:00
Thursday 06.06.2024 12:00-16:30

Content and concept of the exhibition:
Refugee children in Lebanon e.V.

From the exhibition catalog:
“We support the cause of the Nakba exhibition and consider it a convincing means of raising public awareness of the Palestinian perspective on the causes of the Middle East conflict, which is largely unknown in Germany. Without understanding the legitimate concerns of both sides, there can be no peace.”
Supporters and supporters:
Dr. Franz Alt, Prof. Dr. Helga Baumgarten, Judith Bernstein, Dr. Reiner Bernstein, Dr. Norbert Blüm, Prof. Dr. Johan Galtun, Reuven Moskowitz, Clemens Ronnefeldt, Andreas Zumach, et al.

Nakba exhibition opens despite opposition from the city of Munich

On May 7, after months of negotiations, the exhibition “Nakba – Flight and Expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948” opened at the Seidl-Villa community center in Schwabing, despite strong objections from the city. Organizers are the Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue Group Munich, the “Women in Black” and Salam Shalom, Working Group Palestine-Israel. The opening speech will be given by the renowned Berlin anti-Semitism researcher Prof. Wolfgang Benz.

Listen to Prof. Wolfgang Benz’s speech HERE

Although the exhibition has been shown for years in numerous German cities and also at several Protestant church congresses and has received much praise, the city of Munich has major reservations. Nevertheless, it gave up its resistance following the ruling of the Federal Administrative Court, which declared a Munich City Council decision from December 2017 to be unconstitutional in 2022. The city council’s decision at the time prevented events that sought to critically address Israeli occupation policy in municipal spaces for over four years.

The city has recently distanced itself from the exhibition in a statement that can be read on its website and regrets that it is legally obliged to allow it. It explicitly states that “the Seidl-Villa and the City of Munich do not make common cause with the contents of the exhibition”.
The organizers expect that the city’s “illiberal attitude” will probably increase public interest in the exhibition.
You can find the statement from the City of Munich here:

Press article on the exhibition

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