Press release of the Bavarian regional association of the DFG-VK (April 28, 2022)

The Bavarian regional association of the German Peace Society United War Resisters (DFG-VK Bayern) condemns the decision of the German government to supply Gepard tanks from German stocks to Ukraine. The delivery of tanks leads to the intensification of the military conflict and contributes to the escalation of the war. DFG-VK Bayern therefore calls on the German government to stop the delivery and instead promote de-escalating and civilian means of conflict resolution.

Military experts report intensification of Russian attacks in the south and east of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, there has been a broad consensus among them that the Russian leadership will not end the war until it achieves its minimal war aims.

Attempting to halt the Russian advance by military means means accepting further fighting – and thus the destruction of the country and the suffering of the civilian population.

Ceasefire negotiations on the basis of the current status quo only require Ukraine to give up the dream of military reconquest of currently Russian-occupied parts of the country.

If more and more NATO members become more and more active in the war, it cannot be ruled out that the nuclear-armed Russian leadership will sooner or later find itself at war with the nuclear-armed NATO. That this could end in nuclear war was confirmed by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock in the Bundestag on April 27.

Therefore, DFG-VK Bayern calls on the German government to stop the supply of heavy weapons and to promote non-violent means of conflict resolution. Germany and its NATO allies – not just Ukraine – must begin serious negotiations with Russia. In this context, negotiations on disarmament (including of nuclear weapons), Ukraine’s neutrality and the sovereignty of separatist territories must not be taboos – the alternative is an endless and further escalating war.


Declaration of the DFG-VK Bavaria on the Ukraine War

after discussion at the national committee on 23.4. formulated by an editorial group. (as of 4/28/2022)


DFG-VK Bayern protests against war and takes a stand on the discussion about arms deliveries, rearmament programs and sanctions. It advocates negotiations and civil resistance and warns of the danger of the war escalating into nuclear war.

There is no just war!

We condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in violation of international law! We protest against the imperialist and militarist great power policy of the Russian president! Russia must withdraw all troops. All warring parties must agree to a ceasefire and negotiate a political solution.

Civil resistance

In the opinion of the DFG-VK Bavaria, military resistance should be ended and the sovereignty of Ukraine should be defended by political, civil and non-violent means. This protects the population in Ukraine and prevents further destruction of cities and infrastructure.

We declare our solidarity with all citizens in Russia and Ukraine who peacefully protest against the war of their governments and who want to escape the war by refusal.

Against measures to prolong the war

We oppose the supply of weapons to Ukraine! Those who supply weapons prolong war and increase the suffering of the people. Therefore, we also oppose any financial support for Ukraine’s warfare. By supplying weapons, Germany and NATO are gradually becoming direct enemies of the nuclear-armed Russian army. Thus, the current limited war may escalate into a war between NATO and Russia, with the great danger of ending in a Third World War with nuclear weapons.

Against armament and escalation

We oppose the FRG’s 100-billion-euro weapons program and the increase in annual arms spending to two percent of gross domestic product. This spending competes with social spending, with the necessary maintenance of the infrastructure in the FRG, and with the necessary investments to limit global warming. Further armament will not solve the conflict with Russia, but will only intensify the confrontation and lead to another war with Russia.

We oppose the procurement of the F35 fighter aircraft and the continuation of nuclear sharing. Nuclear weapons are outlawed weapons of mass destruction and their use is a war crime, means nuclear war and leads to millions of deaths and ultimately the annihilation of humanity.

With the transfer of troops and war technology to the Baltic States, Poland and Romania and “the strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank,” the military confrontation with Russia is being intensified. We oppose the admission of new countries to NATO, because NATO’s expansionist course has called into question Ukraine’s neutrality and led to confrontation with Russia. Likewise, we oppose the admission of Ukraine into the EU, as it is being developed into a military power that cooperates with NATO.

For targeted sanctions

The sanctions imposed by the West have no effect on the ability to wage war. But they will massively damage the Russian economy and plunge the mass of the working population in Russia into poverty, which will not be able to prevent President Putin’s war policy.

We oppose sanctions that damage the German economy, wreck the national budget, and drive inflation, and whose costs must be shouldered by the mass of the working population in Germany, whether they agreed with Germany’s misguided security policy or not.

We oppose an energy embargo that, as a consequence, increases the ecological costs of our energy supply (fracking, liquefaction of gas, transport across the oceans), and from which only a handful of multinational energy corporations and the oligarchs in the USA, Qatar, etc. benefit.

All suspected war crimes must be investigated and those responsible must be tried at the International Criminal Court.

For a new policy of détente

A new policy of détente must be initiated that takes into account the security interests of all states. We advocate a peace conference within the framework of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe). Security must be rethought and translated into a civilian foreign policy. Only together can humanity survive in peace.

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