Press release III February 2022
Press release II February 2022
Press release I January 2022
Munich Appeal “Abolish Nuclear Weapons”
For speaker biographies see website: Claudia
Kemfert, Angelika Claußen, Méitaka Kendall-Lekka,
Florian Eblenkamp, Susi Snyder, Matthias Platzeck,
Arvid Bell, Andreas Zumach, Mirka Hurter, Theresa
Brain, Emily Zahira Binding, Clemens Ronnefeldt,
Christoph von Lieven
Interview with Thomas Rödl (Spokesman International
Munich Peace Conference)
Interview with Maria Feckl (Project Management International
Munich Peace Conference)
Brief introduction of the honorary curate
Positions of the Peace Conference
History: Peace Conference 2003 – 202

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