On Saturday evening, the focus will be on the unequal distribution of power in international politics and world trade and its negative effects on people, nature and the climate. In particular, the power imbalance between the global South and the global North and the systems in which this power imbalance is embedded are examined. Based on this analysis, alternatives to the globally prevailing paradigms of militarism and capitalism are developed.

Dr. Boniface Mabanza Bambu speaks on the topic “There is no normality from the perspective of the Global South”

Dr. Mabanza Bambu identifies the double standards and other fatal flaws that guide the foreign, trade and “defense” policies of Western countries. He advocates overcoming Eurocentrism in order to adequately analyze and overcome the existential problems facing humanity.

Prof. Dr. Olaf Müller talks about his book Pacifism. A defense and the question of pessimism and optimism.

In view of the war in Ukraine, Dr. Müller decided to reflect on his pacifist attitude in 2022 and summarized his findings in the book Pazifismus. A defense together. In the book, Dr. Müller propagates a pragmatic pacifism. In doing so, he distances himself from the ethical ideas of pacifism and moves closer to an ethical approach to responsibility, which he calls “pragmatic pacifism”. At the peace conference, Dr. Müller will talk about his concept of pragmatic pacifism and explain the extent to which it is suitable for analyzing international conflicts and dealing with them non-violently.

After the break, Prof. Yanis Varoufakis on the topic “Towards a non-aligned and peaceful world” .

The next decade holds the great danger of the formation of military blocs, led by the US on one side and China on the other: this will trigger a wave of destructive forces ranging from a new Cold War to a flare-up of regional conflicts. These destructive forces are a threat to global action and cooperation on global challenges such as the climate catastrophe. Lasting peace and prosperity can only be achieved if all military blocs are replaced by a comprehensive international security framework. What could such an international security framework look like and what is needed in terms of economic and financial policy?

General information

The event is open to the public. The entrance fee is €10 (reduced €5). Registration is not necessary
We accept orders for tickets at office@friedenskonferenz.info. Tickets must be collected from the box office by 5.45 pm. Uncollected tickets will be given to other people as required from 15 minutes before the start of the event.

The hall is accessible by elevator.

Simultaneous interpreting will be provided for the English contributions. German contributions will be translated into English. Headsets can be requested for this purpose.

The event will be streamed live in German and English.

Image source: Tarsila do Amaral / Morro de favela, 1924. Óleo sobre tela. 64 x 74 cm. Credit: Album