We are very pleased to welcome Ms. Robin Damelin and Mr. Bassam Aramin from Parents Circle – Families Forum online at the Munich Peace Conference on Friday, February 16, 2024. In this difficult time of war, when their hearts are heavy with grief, we thank them for their words of greeting.

The Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF) is a unique organization made up of more than 600 Israeli and Palestinian bereaved families. Since its inception, the members – who have all lost a family member to the conflict – have made a concerted effort during the ongoing violence to turn their incredible loss and pain into a catalyst for reconciliation and peace. They decide to transform anger and revenge, helplessness and despair into hopeful deeds. PCFF is a fully joint Israeli-Palestinian organization at all levels. With more than 25 years of experience in implementing reconciliation and peace education programs in Israel and the West Bank, the organization’s bereaved members speak publicly at over 300 reconciliation, dialogue and public events each year and engage in educational, public awareness and advocacy projects promoting humanization and empathy towards the “other”, both Israeli and Palestinian.

Further information about The Parents Circle – Families Forum HERE