Press release of the International Munich Peace Conference from 22.02.2022 – Maria R. Feckl

1.5°C and nuclear disarmament are our chance for survival

Review of the 20th International Munich Peace Conference

Emily Z. Binding, spokesperson for Fridays for Future Munich assessed in 10 points the
Future viability of the coalition agreement in relation to the climate crisis. “Point 1: In itself, we can
throw it in the garbage can as it is, and it wouldn’t hurt anyone either. Because if he is just as
is implemented, as the federal government has committed to do, in 2025 we will further
have moved away from compliance with the 1.5 ° limit. The coalition agreement is not 1.5° compatible.”
The generation of Emily Z. Binding will be the first generation that does not have the quality of life
will have like the previous generation. The 1.5° is their chance of survival. This is a
Challenge that we master together with science, civil courage and commitment

YOLO – You Only Live Once

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IPPNW press release, February 21, 2022:


After the Munich Security Conference, the Nobel Peace Prize winner organization IPPNW demands concrete steps for a sustainable solution of the conflict between NATO and Russia in the sense of détente and de-escalation.

The doctors’ organization advocates a moratorium on the admission of further NATO countries. He also said a Conference on Common Security and Cooperation was needed to negotiate a new European security architecture and cooperation on climate protection. Chancellor Olaf Scholz stressed during his meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on the issue of Ukraine’s admission to NATO that this topic was not on the agenda during either of their terms in office. At the European level, the “Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe” could provide a forum for prevention and dialogue.

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IPPNW has helped launch two appeals on the NATO-Russia conflict:

Appeal of IPPNW and IALANA “Diplomacy instead of War Preparation

International Medical Appeal “No War in Europe!”


pressenza – International Press Agency from 21.02.2022 – Heidi Meinzolt

Lies prepare the ground for war – truth can bring peace!

Kiev is one of the twin cities of Munich – the mayor is a Mayor for Peace and supports among other things the signing of the nuclear ban treaty/AVV by Germany! A beautiful sign that initiates the peace conference from the municipal side. But how close are we really as citizens of these two cities in this tense situation? The peace conference’s discussions are also largely geostrategic. Admittedly, less in terms of enemy image categories and threat analyses by a Russian intervention as in the mainstream media. The war and tensions in eastern Ukraine are omnipresent. Many of the speakers and activists on and offline on the panel focus on the opportunities of cooperative security, on improving and strengthening the OSCE and a new European peace order, on suggestions for rethinking security.

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nd – Journalism from the left of 20.02.2022 – Rudolf Stumberger

Peace movement for disarmament and détente

The large demonstration was the culmination of a series of events against the security conference. This included, for example, “Praying for Peace” by Pax Christi and also the International Munich Peace Conference. On the eve of the demonstration, the latter dealt with the issues of military use of nuclear energy and the Russia-Ukraine relationship. Matthias Platzeck, ex-Prime Minister of Brandenburg and chairman of the German-Russian Forum, called in a video statement for Russia to be brought back into the European boat.

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18.02.2022 – Anne Franke, Member of the Bavarian Parliament and Peace Policy Spokesperson of the Alliance 90/The Greens parliamentary group

Security Conference: Everyone is talking about war – let’s talk about peace

Bavaria needs more peace policy commitment

When the 2022 Security Conference takes place this weekend, the participants of the International Peace Conference will also meet here in Munich at the same time. However, not only the public attention, but also the support that the Bavarian state government gives to both events is unevenly distributed. By means of a question to the plenary session, I wanted to find out from the state government how much the state government subsidizes the Munich Security Conference, what specific measures are made possible by this, and what financial support the state government provides to the International Peace Conference taking place in Munich at the same time.

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European News Agency – 17.02.2022 – Sergei Perelman

International Munich Peace Conference 2022

Munich [ENA] Am 18. and February 19, the International Munich Peace Conference 2022 will take place in the Old Town Hall. The topics will be nuclear disarmament, détente, a new Ostpolitik and the question of whether the traffic light coalition is fit for peace and the future. “Designing future-proof systems” is the topic of a workshop offered there. Environmental organizations are also participating in the conference.

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