Rethinking Security Report 2022 “Turning the Perspective: Overcoming Helplessness.”

in line with the MSC Report 2022 “Turning the Tide: Unlearning Helplessness” suggests a fundamental paradigm shift towards civilian security policy on 50 pages.

The Munich Security Report 2022 deals with the from the constantly growingn tion of mutually reinforcing crises and stimulates the debate and stimulates the debate about how we can overcome the perceived debate about how we can overcome the perceivedlust can be overcome.
The Rethinking Security Report 2022 takes up the analysis of the Munich Security Report and suggests a change of perspective to overcome the current control loss, it proposes a change of perspective atwhich recognizes the failure ofmilitary security policy and calls for a paradigm shift.changeto a civilian security policy.

February 18, 2022 – Security Rethinking

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