World PixabayWhat can we do, what is important now?

  1. We oppose any dehumanization, any exclusion and reject any blanket condemnation (“the Russians”).
  2. We demand: No break-off, but continuation and intensification of civil society contacts – both with Russia and Ukraine.
  3. We oppose any nationalist and imperialist thinking. Instead, we consider autonomy, minority rights and the right to conscientious objection to be indispensable components of democracies.
  4. We want to stick to the truth: The massive rearmament of the Bundeswehr is an irresponsible waste of money that we cannot and must not afford, either socially or in terms of climate policy.
  5. We believe sanctions are a possible response to state violence and war. But these should not hit people who are already in a bad way.
  6. We demand: Every person who flees from war and injustice or refuses military service should be welcome.

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(Image source: @ pixabay)