Constantine WeckerAppeal for the Anti-War Day on September 1, 2023 by the Austrian Nobel Prize winner for literature Elfriede Jelinek and the Munich singer-songwriter and honorary curate of the Munich Peace Conference Konstantin Wecker

September 1 was celebrated as World Peace Day or Anti-War Day in Eastern Germany since 1947 and in Western Germany since 1957.

Her text will be published in solidarity with the International Kurdish Cultural Festival on September 9, 2023 in Frankfurt am Main in German, as well as in Kurdish and Turkish on

“The warlords and politicians of this world can neither forbid our dreams, nor can they permanently prevent our attempts to make them reality. Neither in Ankara nor in Tehran, neither in Moscow nor in Washington, Beijing or Berlin,” ends the article on

At the end of time

When the war is over
at the end of time

Let’s go for a walk again
in the shell alley
with man and man

It will be beautiful
When it will be

at the end of time

Rose foreigner