Get out of the spiral of violence. Negotiate now!

May 4, 2022 Pope Francis calls for diplomatic initiatives to end war in Ukraine Negotiate now! pax christi is deeply concerned that in our country the conviction that more military support could contribute to a solution is reasserting itself. We note with horror that war [...]

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Nobel Peace Prize winning organization demands release of Julian Assange

IPPNW press release from 03.05.2022 Nobel Peace Prize winning organization demands release of Julian Assange World Press Freedom Day The Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization called for the release of Julian Assange at its annual congress in Hamburg over the weekend. As editor-in-chief of Wikileaks and [...]

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The German Peace Society (DFG-VK) condemns the delivery of German tanks to Ukraine

Press release of the Bavarian regional association of the DFG-VK (April 28, 2022) The Bavarian regional association of the German Peace Society United War Resisters (DFG-VK Bayern) condemns the decision of the German government to supply Gepard tanks from German stocks to Ukraine. The delivery [...]

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Statement of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement against the continuation of the war

The Ukrainian Pacifist Movement is deeply concerned about the current burning of bridges for a peaceful resolution of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on both sides and the declarations of intent to continue the bloodshed indefinitely in order to achieve some sovereign ambitions. We [...]

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Ex-Merkel adviser General (ret.) Vad against delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine

Are the Leopard main battle tank or the Marder infantry fighting vehicle a quick fix for Ukraine? The former military policy advisor to former Chancellor Merkel doubts this. You have to think about the Ukraine war from the end, says Brigadier General (ret.) Former military [...]

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The Ukraine Conflict – Dossier VII

Monitoring project Civil Conflict Management - Violence and war prevention The Ukraine conflict Presented by Andreas Buro and Karl Grob with assistance from Clemens Ronnefeldt Published by the Cooperation for Peace September 2014 "The Ukraine conflict, which was hardly imaginable just three years ago, holds [...]

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No F35 nuclear bombers for the German Armed Forces!

The German government plans to purchase technically immature stealth bombers to enable the German Air Force to drop U.S. nuclear bombs in the future. The German Peace Association - United War Resisters (DFG-VK) lists arguments against the nuclear bomber armament costing about 5 billion Euros. [...]

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