Maria R. FecklThe organization team

Since the 20th International Munich Peace Conference in 2022, the project management of the International Munich Peace Conference has been in the hands of Dipl. Theol. Maria R. Feckl.

The organizational team of the supporting group organizes the Munich Peace Conference primarily on a voluntary basis as a civil society initiative.

The topics and speakers of the International Munich Peace Conference are agreed upon by the organizing team of the Peace Conference sponsors.
Our decisions are based on our common foundations, anchored in our manifesto and our positions.
The first sentence of the preamble to the manifesto summarizes: “Protect people and human rights and deal with conflicts in a civil manner: Yes – War: No!” With this focus, we offer a qualified alternative to the Munich Security Conference in terms of content.

We primarily select topics that correspond to these common principles and at the same time promise relevance for the current social and political discourse. Only in the second step do we look for speakers on the topics.

We have no interest in offering a stage to speakers who are likely to use it to propagate destructive and/or inhumane ideologies. We see ourselves as a circle of emancipatory organizations. We reject group-related misanthropy, in particular racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

If we wish to take a stand on a particular issue, we publish official statements, appeals or press releases, etc. for this purpose. If there is no official statement from the sponsoring group on a specific topic, the positions of the individual sponsoring group organizations can be read from their respective official statements (if available).

The following are currently represented in the sponsoring group:

  • State Association of the German Peace Society – United Opponents of Military Service (DFG-VK Bayern)
  • Helmut-Michael-Vogel-Bildungswerk e.V.
  • pax christi Diözesanverband München und Freising e.V.
  • German Section of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War/Physicians with Social Responsibility (IPPNW)
  • Project Group Munich Security Conference Change e.V.
  • Network Peace Tax Region Bavaria
  • Natural Scientists Initiative (NATWISS) e.V.
  • International Women’s League for Peace and Freedom (IFFF/WILPF).


Print the manifesto HERE


Goals and tasks of the International Munich Peace Conference:

* A key goal of the Peace Conference is to initiate thought processes that inspire a culture of peace.

* With concrete examples from different cultures, we want to show perspectives for a security oriented to the well-being of the people.

* We want to encourage people to get involved in political events.

* With the Peace Conference, we focus on addressing peace policy options. We see them as a contribution to the formation of public opinion alongside street actions, dialogue events and prayers for peace.

* Through our actions and the “International Munich Peace Conference”, we are committed to ensuring that people live together in peace and social justice and treat nature responsibly.