pax christi: Where is the priority for civil?

Christine Hoffmann comments on March 3, 2022 Christine Hoffmann is the General Secretary of pax christi - Deutsche Sektion e.V. pax christi rejects the massive diversion of tax money to the military announced by Chancellor Scholz as a step in the wrong direction. Instead, civil [...]

By |18. March 2022|

Declaration of the Fellowship of Reconciliation on the War in Ukraine – For Understanding

What can we do, what is important now? We oppose any dehumanization, any exclusion and reject any blanket condemnation ("the Russians"). We demand: No break-off, but continuation and intensification of civil society contacts - both with Russia and Ukraine. We oppose any nationalist and imperialist [...]

By |18. March 2022|

Strengthening the army at the expense of civilian instruments?

Blog by Dr. Martina Fischer on March 3, 2022 Consultant for Peace at Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) The German government not only wants to increase the funding of the German Armed Forces, but also to upgrade it. To this end, it [...]

By |18. March 2022|

“Putin’s War – the End of All Hopes for a Eurasian Peace Order?”

Lecture and discussion with Andreas Zumach In the flood of news about the war in Ukraine, there is a very analytical knowledgeable and empathetic voice with the lecture of Andreas Zumach, among other things on the historical development of the last 32 years, on armament, [...]

By |10. March 2022|

International Forum on Nuclear War and Global Warming – Munich Appeal

"As Mayor of Munich and as a member of Mayors for Peace, I strongly appeal to those responsible to do everything possible to achieve the general and worldwide abolition of nuclear weapons. Any use of nuclear weapons, whether intentional or accidental, would result in catastrophic, [...]

By |8. March 2022|
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