No demonization of dissenters!

Press release of pax christi from Augst 24, 2023

pax christi resolutely opposes the demonization of political opinions.

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Julian Mühlfellner DFG_VK Bavaria

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“It fits into the overall picture of war propaganda”.

The DFG-VK criticizes statements of Chancellor Scholz to war opponents. An interview by Fabian Linder with Julian Mühlfellner in the daily newspaper “junge Welt”.
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Scholz in MunichReligious metaphor meant to silence criticism from peace movement.

The peace movement and a large part of the German population are calling for an end to hostilities and a ceasefire agreement in Ukraine to create the conditions for a diplomatic solution to the crisis under international mediation. Various states from the Global South, including Brazil, China, India, and South Africa, have themselves launched initiatives for negotiations and mediation between Ukraine and Russia.

“The Munich Peace Alliance demanded nothing else with the banner ‘Negotiations instead of Bombs – For Ceasefire and Peace Negotiations’ at the election campaign in Munich at the Marienplatz,” said Maria R. Feckl, organizer of the Munich Peace Conference. The Chancellor defamed peaceful pacifists as “fallen angels […] from hell”. Maria R. Feckl continues, “with this, Scholz serves an infantile heaven/hell and good/evil scheme that does not do justice to the suffering of the people in Ukraine, the complexity of the war and the uncertainty of the people in Germany.”

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, which is contrary to international law, and the entire conflict situation in the region are very complex. The respective interests of the various parties to the conflict (Ukraine, Russia, Germany, EU, Baltic States, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Georgia, USA, NATO, etc.) in security, economic livelihood and self-determination are complex. Solid conflict analysis, sound ceasefire and peace negotiation planning, and diplomatic coordination in bilateral and multilateral formats are needed. Dialogue between the warring parties has been very limited so far, and the window for a sustainable peace process is undeniably very small. On behalf of the people of Ukraine, Russia and around the world, even the smallest chance must be taken to end the war and the dying. Meanwhile, Chancellor Scholz is doing nothing to end the war through diplomatic means.

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