Yurii SheliazhenkoOn August 3rd, 2023, members of the Ukrainian domestic intelligence service “Slushba bespeky Ukrajiny” broke into the apartment of Yurii Sheliazhenko of our partner organization the “Ukrainian Pacifist Movement.” The intelligence officers seized documents as well as his phone and computer. Yurii is formally accused of “justifying Russian aggression” and is scheduled for hearings on the 7th.., August 8 and August 9, 2023 subpoenaed. We protest against the repression by the Ukrainian state! To denounce war and violence is not a crime! Solidarity with Yurii Sheliazhenko!

On the website of World Beyond War there is a petition against the repressive actions of the Ukrainian state against Yurii

Here is the German translation of the short text:

“We call on you to stop all legal actions against Yuri Sheliazhenko and to respect human rights, the right to conscientious objection and the right to freedom of expression. As absurd as it is to prosecute someone for justifying Russian acts of war on the basis of a statement in which he explicitly condemned Russian acts of war, it is equally absurd to wage war in the name of freedom and democracy while harassing citizens in this way. We urge you to do better.”