Call for Easter March Munich: Ceasefire now!

Germany must become “fit for war”, explains Minister Pistorius. He is referring not only to the Bundeswehr, but to the entire population. We reject a policy that assumes war as the norm instead of the peace requirement of the Basic Law. This policy escalates international conflicts and militarizes our society. We oppose the internal militarization in our country, which reinforces further right-wing developments. We are in favor of Germany becoming “capable of peace” rather than “capable of war”.

Innocent people die every day in numerous wars. The dangers are growing, as the war in Ukraine threatens to escalate into a nuclear war, and the war in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa could escalate into a conflagration. Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, which violates international law, must be ended. Neither military offensives, nor arms deliveries or sanctions against Russia have led to ceasefire talks. Initiatives to end the military conflict, for a ceasefire and diplomatic solutions are rejected by the German government.

We stand in solidarity with all victims of the Gaza war and call for an immediate ceasefire to end the suffering of the civilian population. Neither the existence of Israel nor the right of the Palestinian population to exist must be put up for discussion.

The situation in the Middle East will not be resolved by military means. The arms export policy dubbed “restrictive” by the German government itself is exposed as a farce by the support given to one of the most powerful and modern military apparatuses in the world – justified by the superficial German reason of state. The horrific images from Israel and Palestine make it imperative to do everything possible to help de-escalate the situation and prevent the violence in the Middle East from spreading.

Our solidarity belongs to the people in northern Syria and northern Iraq, against whom NATO member Turkey is waging a bloody war. This conflict stands for many other armed conflicts around the world that are hardly noticed in this country. The German government is adding fuel to the fire with its arms deliveries. It serves the profit interests of the arms industry and supports the supremacy of the USA. Germany is playing a central role in “Steadfast Defender”, the largest maneuver since 1988 with over 90,000 soldiers. In connection with this, the Bundeswehr wants to test the rapid deployment of troops and material in the Quadriga maneuvers between February and May 2024.

Wars and armaments worldwide are among the causes of climate destruction. They are responsible for hunger crises, flight and displacement. Floods, heat waves and droughts are not being combated, while money is being spent on armaments.

Instead of focusing on diplomacy and de-escalation, German military spending has risen from €64 billion to €85 billion in one year, the highest increase since the end of the Second World War, or around €1,000 per capita. The result is social impoverishment due to cuts in social benefits, education spending and pension benefits. – We want our tax money to be used constructively to prevent child poverty, promote housing construction, improve the education and healthcare systems as well as climate protection and increase social spending overall.

It is high time for peace policy – in Ukraine, in the Middle East and worldwide. “Peace is not everything, but without peace everything is nothing” (Willy Brandt). Social development, climate and nature protection and a future worth living for all are only possible in peace and only through joint global efforts.

We are demonstrating with the Easter march:

  • For a ceasefire! Every peace begins with a ceasefire, this applies to Ukraine, the Middle East and the many other wars!
  • For arms control and steps towards disarmament – No arms exports.
    Stop the further rearmament of the Bundeswehr, say no to the 2% target, rededicate the 100 billion package to an investment program for youth, social affairs and the environment!
  • For a new European security order, not against but with Russia! None
    Arms deliveries to Ukraine.
  • For a stop to nuclear armament, withdrawal of US nuclear bombs from Germany. No acquisition of American F 35 fighter jets by the Bundeswehr for the use of nuclear bombs stationed in Germany. No deployment of hypersonic weapons in Europe.
  • For Germany’s accession to the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons!
  • For the inclusion of military climate damage in the environmental balance sheet of all countries. Germany should become a pioneer here.
  • For the support of conscientious objectors and deserters in all war zones
  • For civil crisis prevention and a culture of peace!
  • For a foreign policy of cooperation, dialog and reconciliation of interests.
  • For a policy of non-violence that overcomes the political institution of war.

Pushing back right-wing ideologies!

The peace movement is international and anti-fascist. It is resolutely opposed to nationalist, militarist, ethnic, racist, sexist, anti-Semitic or right-wing populist Islamophobic policies.

We invite you to the Easter march! Ceasefire now!

Munich Peace Alliance

Easter march: on Holy Saturday, March 30, 2024

10.00 a.m.: Ecumenical service: Dreifaltigkeitskirche, Pacellistr. 6
11.15 a.m.: Kick-off rally on Marienplatz
12.00 p.m.: Demonstration
1.30 pm: Closing with information market and cultural program on Marienplatz

You can find the call for the Easter march HERE

Munich Peace Alliance

The“Easter March Outside” of the Munich Citizens’ Initiative for Peace and Disarmament (BIFA) is again in preparation for Easter Monday, April 1, 2024. Further information will be available shortly on the website