Yanis VaroufakisLecture by Prof. Dr. Yanis Varoufakis
Saturday, February 17, 2024
22nd International Munich Peace Conference

Moderation: Maria R. Feckl

Welcome, Yanis Varoufakis, Professor of Economics at the University of Athens.

You are a Greek economist, author and politician.

From January to July 2015, you were Greek Finance Minister and led the negotiations with Greece’s creditors to lead the country out of the crisis. After the referendum to reject the austerity dictate was not held, you resigned.

You co-founded DiEM25 in 2016. You are also General Secretary of MeRA25, the party of DiEM25 in Greece.

Its theme today is“Towards a non-aligned and peaceful world” .

Allow me to say a few words about the Non-Aligned Movement, or NAM for short. Non-aligned states is the term for states that have joined neither the (capitalist) West nor the (communist) Eastern bloc after the dissolution of the colonial empires. They supported each other in the goals of self-determination, anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism and anti-racism.

The organization condemned the formation of blocs during the East-West conflict because of the danger of a Third World War and advocated peaceful coexistence and disarmament.

It was constituted at its first meeting in Belgrade in 1961.

Today, over 100 countries belong to the Non-Aligned Movement. They represent 55 percent of the world’s population. It is the second largest group of states after the United Nations. They hold almost two thirds of the seats in the UN General Assembly.

The 19th summit of the Non-Aligned movement or Non-Aligned States took place this year from January 15-20 in Kampala, Uganda.

Have you, dear listeners, heard about this? At least not me. It’s good that we have Professor Yanis Varoufakis with us today.

You have the floor. We look forward to your presentation