International Summit for Peace in Ukraine

Peace by Peaceful Means

june 10th and 11 th, 2023 the International Summit for Peace in Ukraine (ISP) was held in Vienna . Respected personalities from civil society and politicians took part. They came from India, Latin America, Africa, the USA, Ukraine, Russia, several NATO countries and Austria. In lectures, plenary discussions and working groups, controversial questions about the Russian-Ukrainian war were discussed and ways out were sought: How can a ceasefire and negotiations take place as quickly as possible?

As a first step, an “Appeal for Peace in Ukraine” has been adopted.

Final declaration

Invitation and program of the International Summit for Peace in Ukraine

Why Vienna?

Austria is a neutral country. It is a “UN city” and the seat of the OSCE Secretariat
(Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), which has been monitoring the situation in the Donbass since the
Signing of the Minsk II Agreement monitored.

Call for peace

We condemn the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are aware of the joint responsibility of the
NATO for this long-term conflict as one of many examples of violations of international law.
fully aware. At the same time, we are affected by the consequences that this war and all wars have for the
societies have – from injuries and deaths to long-term limitations,
hitting the women who, even in wartime, provide vital care and, in spite of
human rights violations fight for their livelihood and peace. It destroys the environment
and the country’s infrastructure, is causing food and energy prices to rise worldwide,
exacerbates poverty and hunger – especially in the global South – and threatens the entire world with
a nuclear war.
It is time for the guns to fall silent and for diplomacy to begin to resolve the conflict.
We must counter the logic of war with the logic of peace.
Let’s get together to discuss the state and broader context of the Russian-Ukrainian
conflict, the positions of our various governments, the efforts, obstacles and
to discuss the possibilities of the various peace movements and, above all, the question of how we can
us more effectively for a ceasefire and negotiations and for peaceful solutions than
alternative to war.
Peace is not only the task of states and diplomats, but nowadays more and more also of
those of global civil society. What we urgently need now is a global movement that will
demanded of all parties that they stop fighting and start talking. The international
Support from the International Peace Bureau’s Christmas Truce Appeal,
the appeals in the UN General Assembly and from many governments, even the statements
of some Russian and Ukrainian political leaders show that a window of opportunity may be opening for the
Opportunity opens.

Take part in the peace summit!

It is the responsibility of the peace movements around the world and all peace-loving peoples,
to strengthen these efforts. The Vienna peace summit in Ukraine can send a strong signal
of hope and be a catalyst for more and stronger peace actions around the world.
The future of humanity hangs in the balance; we must seize the moment before it is too late

Contact: International Peace Office, Marienstraße 19-20, 10117 Berlin, Germany.

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