EU FahneMichael von der Schulenburg writes on July 6th, 2023

The madness of war reigns again in Europe. The delusion that only weapons provide security is once again in high season among politicians, in think tanks and in the media across Europe. It has become acceptable once again in Europe that human sacrifices are being offered at the altar of alleged decisive battles. As if we had learned nothing from the past, the Ukrainian counter-offensive is now supposed to become such decisive battle that should bring a solution militarily to what we could not – or did not want to – achieve politically. In doing so, we Europeans are leaving the future of Ukraine and Europe, and perhaps even that of the world, to the unpredictability, fury, and brutality of the battlefield. And all of this, although it remains completely unclear what ‘solution’ could be expected through the present intensification of the war. It will certainly not bring peace to Europe.

To prevent hurting itself and saving Ukraine, the European Union must, out of its own self-interest, distant itself from its self-righteous war narrative, abandon the militarization of its foreign policy and stop believing that NATO enlargement will bring security. The European Union must return to a language of peace and develop a peace plan for Europe that is built on the Charter of Paris for a New Europe and that includes Russia and Ukraine. In doing so, the EU would prevent further bloodshed in Europe, forestall the danger of internal frictions breaking out within its members and forestall its own economic decline. This would help to improve the EU’s standing in the world as the peace project it was once conceived as after the Second World War. For this it will need courage – peace needs a lot of courage!

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