Dear friends of peace,

This year’s Munich Security Conference (MSC) will take place on the weekend of February 18-20. Can it help ease tensions between the West and Russia over the Ukraine crisis ? An attitude on the part of the conference leader that shows genuine interest in the motives and needs of all participants and facilitates dialog across fronts and enemy images would certainly be helpful in this regard. Unfortunately, the future chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Christoph Heusgen – in contrast to the position of the traffic light government – has already spoken out in favor of German arms deliveries to Ukraine. Martina Fischer, peace officer at Bread for the World, analyzes which confidence-building measures the participants of the MSC should think about instead. Her readable text “Why cooperation is needed in the Ukraine crisis” can be found here.

Below I have compiled information about our work and events during the conference weekend. Some of the events will take place online, so that participation from outside Munich is also possible without complications:

  1. Prayer for Peace of the Religions (SO 13.02.22)
  2. International Munich Peace Conference (FR 18.02.22 and SA 19.02.22)
  3. Prayer for Peace (FR 18.02.22 and SA 19.02.22)
  4. Peace demonstration on the occasion of the Munich Security Conference (SA 19.02.22)
  5. Review of the Petra Kelly Foundation (SO 20.02.22)
  6. Munich Security Conference – and our project group
  7. Our project newspaper – also in English
  8. Interview with Conference Director W. Ischinger
  9. Contact with the future conference director C. Heusgen
  10. Munich Peace Meeting
  11. Peace movement on the Ukraine crisis: Negotiate instead of shooting!
  12. Our project group online

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